Project summary

‘Theatre – Encounter, Inclusion, Action’ is an international project which uses limitless possibilities of contemporary theatre in work with the youth, where theatre is perceived as a place of meeting, communication, self-development, open mind, tolerance, critical thinking and creative doing.

The project involves 7 partner organizations from 6 countries. It takes place from October 20, 2017 until December 16, 2018 in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Germany and Poland.


The project aims at:

  • strengthening capacities of theatrical organizations which work with the youth increasing the level of competences of youth workers through exchange of good practices and experiences in theatrical education;
  • contributing to inclusion of the deaf youth and sensitizing of the hearing people for the life of this group using theatre methods;
  • contributing to empowerment of the youth from Ex-Yugoslav region, with the emphasis on their active role in the society through theatre.

In accordance with the EU Youth Strategy, the project aims to provide more and equal opportunities for young people through non-formal theatrical education and encourage them to actively participate in society, using theatrical tools. The project increases access to culture and creative theatrical tools for disabled youth and supports the development of creativity, open mind and critical thinking among young people.

Activities of the project include meetings, training sessions, and activities open for the audience:

  • 2 mobility activities of youth workers with the aim of exchanging theatre practices and working methodologies,
  • 1 mobility exchange of the youth from Balkan countries empowering young people for leadership and active doing which will end in public work presentation,
  • 1 longer workshop with the deaf youth which will end in creation of public theatrical performance,
  • 1 festival of theatrical pedagogy which will consist of round table, presentations, performance and
  • 6 presentations of the documentary film about the project.

The project will directly benefit 7 organizations, 7 coordinators and 21 youth workers from participating organizations, 18 young participants of youth exchange and 10 deaf participants of the activities. Indirectly, it will benefit around 60 colleague-youth workers of the partners’ organizations, around 150 young people-target groups of partners who they work with, around 150 spectators of the youth mobility presentation, around 150 spectators of the performance by deaf people, around 2000 spectators of the festival of theatrical pedagogy, around 1000 people who will watch screenings of the film about the project in 6 cities, and several thousands of people across Europe, especially young, who will be reached by live streams of the public events and film which will be available on-line.

All contents of the project will be available in sign language.